The Top Payoffs of Interactive Content

Your Answer to Capturing Busy Buyers’ Attention

The vast majority of B2B brands (88%) are now using content marketing to educate and engage buyers, according to research from the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs.

Although content marketing budgets are rising steadily each year, very few organizations (30%, to be exact) say their efforts are effective.

Why? Because buyers’ content preferences and consumption habits are constantly changing. As a result, marketers are struggling to acquire the staff (57%), budget (40%) and vast content library (38%) they need to keep pace with their buyers’ demands.

Interactive content can help B2B marketers stand out in a crowded content landscape, engage their target audience and compel them to take action. Below are the top five payoffs of interactive content.

Your buyers are drowning
in content.

Start standing out.

Kepp scrolling!

1. It’s dynamic.

Most buyers (74%) use their smartphones and tablets to access content. Many interactive content formats and custom-built HTML designs (like this one) render well on smaller screens. No more annoying pinching and zooming!

2. It's measurable.

Interactive content platforms and hubs offer robust analytics and metrics dashboards, so marketers can see how people interact with their content. When you know how much time people spend on each page, where they zoom and what they click on, you can paint a complete picture of buyer behaviors and preferences. This intelligence, in turn, can help you create more powerful content in the future.

3. It’s visually appealing.

Compelling visuals, dynamic videos and fun content themes are the key to capturing buyer attention and turning them onto your content. Every brand can throw together an E-book, white paper or data sheet. But true storytellers and thoughtful designers captivate their audience!

4. It’s customizable.

If your content isn’t relevant to buyers’ wants and needs, they’ll move on to your competitors’ content without hesitation. Using interactive platforms, you can set rules and guidelines so readers can easily self-navigate through a piece and focus on the areas that are most relevant to them.

5. It has major repurposing potential.

Don’t let your content be a dead end. Keep buyers engaged by adding interactive content into your calls to action. These follow-up pieces — what we call “rabbit holes” — connect your buyer to another piece of educational content and can guide them to the next phase of their researching and consideration journey.

Want to create interactive content that captivates your buyers?

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